Brittany Meredith

Chief Financial Officer

Anderson, IN

Favorite Pastime
Family time

Coffee or Tea
Coffee - extra strong!

Favorite Book of the Bible

Favorite Food

Dream Vacation
Trip through the western United States and western Canada

Brittany Meredith serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer for Forever Adoption Ministry Foundation.

Brittany received a BS in both Business Administration and Economics from North Greenville University. Prior to her time at Forever Adoption, Brittany worked in her family's business before moving to the banking industry. She then transitioned to a corporate setting, working in both the accounts receivable and internal audit departments at the Fruit of the Loom world headquarters in Bowling Green, KY. 

The most important thing to Brittany is her faith and her family. It is her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Gospel message that prompted her to begin her journey with Forever Adoption. It is her deepest longing that all orphans come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and receive a Heavenly Father that will never leave them or forsake them. Brittany has six nieces and nephews that are the lights of her life. Her life was forever changed when her oldest nephew, Micah, came home to his forever family. With each additional niece and nephew, the love she has for each of them grows, and she can’t imagine any of ‘her babies’ growing up without the love and support of a family. The Lord burdened her heart with the desire to begin this journey with Forever Adoption in the hope that all children can grow up with a family’s love, care, and support.