Douglas Meredith

Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Bowling Green, KY

Favorite Pastime

Coffee or Tea
One gallon of iced tea a day, please

Favorite book of the Bible

Favorite Food
Shrimp Scampi and cheddar biscuits

Dream Vacation
New Zealand

As the Founder of Forever Adoption, Doug Meredith currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Forever Adoption Ministry Foundation.

Born into a doctor’s home, medicine became the focus of Doug’s life. However, while preparing for a medical career, God mightily intervened to change the direction of his life. Called into ministry, Doug worked as a street preacher for two years before accepting a position at a new church plant, where he was the Lead Pastor for eight years. As husband to Peggy and a father to three girls, necessity dictated a bi-vocational lifestyle as a finish trim carpenter and pastor. Doug pastored for a total of ten years, wrote pamphlets on prophecy, and eventually transitioned into lay leadership in the local church. In addition to his finish trim carpentry business and continued ministry, Douglas and Peggy owned and operated three fitness facilities.

Through all of this, God was building into Doug’s life the framework and the experience to continue God’s call on his life. The entrepreneurial spirit that started multiple businesses in multiple locations is now at work in the creation of Forever Adoption. In all these things, Douglas admits his total and absolute dependency on Jesus. He is completely trusting in the grace and mercy of God to bless Forever Adoption because it is the heart of God reaching out to His children.